Do You Know What Paid Traffic is?

The word traffic is one of the most recurrent in the world of digital marketing. That’s because it is through it that it is possible to make a content reach more people. But do you know what paid traffic is and what its features are?

There are different types of traffic and each of them may be better suited to a proposal, depending on the objective. Knowing more about the types of traffic is important to define the best content strategies.

For this reason, below you will be able to check more information about paid traffic, its operation and differences in relation to organic traffic. Check out.

After all, what is paid traffic?

Traffic, a word generally used to refer to the movement of cars in traffic, has been adapted to the reality of digital marketing. Internet traffic is related to the flow of people who visit and transit through websites, blogs and social networking pages, for example.

And why is it important to guarantee an optimal traffic rate? Well, it is through traffic that the biggest goals in having a page, blog or online store can be achieved. The greater the traffic on a page the greater the chances of being able to make a sale, gain visibility and engagement making the store, website or profile grow more and more.

There are some ways to increase traffic to a website and today we will restrict ourselves to explaining about paid traffic. Paid traffic is used to increase the flow of people from a website, store or page and consists of investing money so that links and featured publications are found by other users.

For example, we can use the instagram feed, one of the most used social networks today. It is common to be downloading the feed and come across an apparently unknown publication, from a store or person you do not follow. This content was driven through paid traffic to reach you.

That way, more people can become interested and know a brand or product without having specifically looked for it. An advantage of paid traffic is that it is possible to use it on the most diverse platforms such as google, youtube, instagram, linkedin , among others.

In summary, understanding what paid traffic is and determining strategies for using it can bring several advantages to the content such as:

  • Greater visibility to the page.
  • Conversion rate increase.
  • You can improve your ranking on Google.
  • It makes more people know about your business.

Paid traffic vs. organic traffic

Organic traffic is quite prominent in digital marketing, since, unlike paying to increase the flow of people, it happens naturally. To generate organic traffic it is necessary to invest in creating original content, which adopt SEO strategies and is aligned with offering what the user is looking for.

This type of traffic, when well designed, can bring excellent results. However, this does not mean that paid traffic is lower or deprecated. For those who want, for example, faster visibility results, paid traffic is an even better option than organic traffic.

Discovering the best strategy

Now that you can understand what paid traffic is and compare it briefly with organic traffic, you can see that the different uses depend on the main objective to be achieved.

Finding out what is the best strategy for online goals is the secret to getting ahead in sales, visibility generated through the much desired increase in traffic.

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