Is Using Paid Traffic A Good Idea?

paid traffic

Getting more people to visit your store, your social network page or your website is one of the main goals in digital marketing. And today we’re going to talk a little bit about one of the strategies for this: paid traffic. There are different types of ways to increase traffic, …

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Paid Instagram Traffic – How to create?

paid instagram traffic

Instagram is one of the most used social networks today. There it is possible to find users interested in different niche markets, making the environment favorable for sales and engagement. And all of this can be better utilized through paid instagram traffic. Paid traffic is a reach strategy widely used …

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What is Advertising Paid Youtube ?

paid YouTube advertising

YouTube is one of the most used social networks worldwide. The universe of videos is very well used by more than 1 billion active users. This brand made companies start investing in paid YouTube advertising. Through paid advertising it is possible to reach and win over many users who will …

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How to Make Paid Advertising on Google ?

paid advertising on google

Google Ads, one of the biggest tools to make paid advertising on google, is one of the most used means by those who want to expand the reach of their business. The first version was launched more than 20 years ago and since then it has been improving to meet …

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How Paid Advertising Works On Facebook

paid advertising on facebook

Anyone thinking of investing in paid advertising on facebook can count on several options and segmentations to reach the best audience. It could not be otherwise, since we are talking about the most used social network worldwide with about 2.7 billion active users. With this vast number of users, the …

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What You Cannot Miss in a Brand Advertising

brand advertising

If you have a company, a product or a service then you certainly know that building the brand image is fundamental. And for this, the brand advertising must dialogue with customers in order to attract them to purchase your product. But, just making an advertisement is not a sign of …

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Do You Know What Paid Traffic is?

what paid traffic is

The word traffic is one of the most recurrent in the world of digital marketing. That’s because it is through it that it is possible to make a content reach more people. But do you know what paid traffic is and what its features are? There are different types of …

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See How To Do Paid Traffic

how to make paid

Betting on paid traffic is a strategy widely used by those who want to improve sales and engagement in their content. But, do you know how to make paid traffic the right way? Knowing how to differentiate between types of traffic and how to use them in a planned and …

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